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Financial Advantages of Owning Your Own RV Lot

▪ If you rent, you have nothing but rent receipts after 5 to 10 years; when you own instead of rent, there are never any rent increases.

▪ When you own your own site, you can lock in your costs (with the exception of maintenance fees, which typically do not change rapidly).

▪ Buying may result in significant gains if the property value goes up.

▪ Mortgage payments on your lot build equity and may be tax deductible.

▪ Tax breaks may be possible on both the property and association dues if you decide to rent your RV lot.

▪ Summer Haven is not a time-share, membership or club membership community.

What are the taxes going to cost?

Taxes will run from $100 to $350 based on which lot you actually purchase.

What are the Association Fees and what do they cover?

The Association fees are $660/year. They cover your water, sewer, lawn maintenance, use of the docks, pools, and grounds Each site has it’s own electric Meter and the association will bill you monthly for your electric usage.

When I purchase a lot do I actually own the real estate?

Yes. You get a deed to the surveyed lot plus also would own a percentage share of all common areas such as the lakeshore, pool, buildings, etc. When comparing properties be sure you actually own the lot rather than just getting a share of the stock in the property. There is a big difference!

Can I have pets?

Yes, Pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash and not a disturbance to any of the other Association members.

Can I have a 4 wheeler or Motorcycle at the Campground?

NO. They cannot be used to drive within the resort.

The Campground is very large. Can I have a Golf Cart to get around in?

Yes. The golf carts must be electric and they must not be driven by someone younger than 16. Again this creates a safety issue for other association members.

Can I let my Family or friends use my site when I am not there?

Yes it is your site to do with as you wish. All visitors must obey all the rules of the Association and campground. You will be held responsible for any of your visitors actions. They must check in at the office so that we know who is at the site. We also do have a limit of 6 people on any one site at any one time.

What if I have a boat/pontoon? What do I do with it? Can I have a boat/pontoon lift?

We have several options for your boat. First you can simply dock your boat at our docks when you are there on a first come first serve basis. We ask that you take the boat out whenever you are not at the campground. The reason for this is that if a storm comes up, we do not want you boat or the docks smashed up.

The second option is that for $400 you can reserve a slip of your own. No one else would be able to use that slip. You could put a lift in that location. It would be up to you to take your own lift in and out. If you do not have a lift, we again ask that you take your boat out of the water if you are not going to be at the campground.

Do you allow Personal Water Craft?

Yes!! As long as all rules are observed and the PWC is used safely and not bothering our other Association members.

I have heard that I need to look at the Delcarations for an Association. Where can I find the Declarations for this Association?

Yes, If serious about the lot. we can provide a copy for you to look at.

What are the By-Laws for the Association?

They are the rules of the Summer Haven Association. If serious about a lot we can provide a copy for you to look at..

We look forward to hearing from you.